Monday, April 6, 2015



The Heading is an actual word in Tagalog.. and you thought English was hard hehe!!! 
Our week has been great, we are expecting to have another baptism this week and yea, we are doing good.
This past Tuesday we were told to expect a Super typhoon.. and prepare for it... so after many many texts and lots of preparation it turned out to be the saddest typhoon I have ever witnessed... there was not even rain... it was sad.. and weak... and pathetic.. I hope I am not cursing myself right now... 
Hmm.. Yup, that pretty much sums up my week.. Holy Week in the Philippines is always..err.. Interesting.. Lots of Transitions that are slightly weird. But the most epic moment was during a Catholic Parade I happen to be nearby and became the most popular attraction to look at.. These people were in mid prayer and yet still took time from thinking about Jesus to look at the white American standing in a window waving... yup, I only got a few angry looks from the Priests.. hehe. YOLO
My companion had to go to the Doctor this past Holiday, and there was a lot of time to try to watch a movie while waiting for him.. to bad they were only Tagalog movies. Ohh, I also got a chance to watch a part of Passion of Christ movie... I haven't watched Conference yet and am looking forward to it. Thank you, 
Love you,
Elder Rivera

Newest member

[This is from March 29, 2015]


Just a review of my week.
1. Had a baptism, Arnel Gutierrez. He is a former member of every church known to mankind. And he recently decided that ours was the most true. I was privileged to baptism him. And am very grateful that he really was ready. 

2. My mission president visited my apartment this past week. unfortunately it was around 10 am and I had just come out of the bathroom... very awk.. but luckily I had a really good reason to be in the bathroom... A week of very lose bowel movements... hehe.. and sakit talaga. 

3. My Filipino companion was asked to speak English because the investigator did not understand him, and I was asked to speak tagalog!! Haha, my companion was slightly sad. 

4. Had a fun week, and am excited for this week. Holy Week in the Philippines, It's more fun in the Philippines!!1 

Thanks for your love and support,

Elder Rivera

Monday, March 16, 2015

18 weeks to go

First is first. I am doing surprisingly well for someone who is close to going home. A lot of other missionaries are letting those thoughts enter into their head way more than I am haha. This past week me and about 44 other missionaries had to travel to manila to fix our visas. We left around 1 o clock in the morning and arrived home around 10. roughly around 24 hour trip. Most of the time was spent talking to a lot of good friends and so forth. All of the missionaries I have known since the beginning of my mission which is so cool. I included a photo of me and my MTC district mates. Two of them are from Olongapo Mission and its the first time we saw each other since we left the MTC Provo. It was way nice, I got to eat Taco Bell for the first time in forever... and also had Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Interesting week

I am going to take some time to write a few of the things that have happened to me here in the Philippines this week. Alright. 
During district meeting, around 10 am, I was about ready to give my very very prepared lesson (joke) about Pride and the effects that it has on Investigators, when out of the blue (I think that is an English saying) we saw a white person knocking on our chapel door... Now for those who think there are a lot of white people who knock on chapel doors in the Philippines is a common thing I would say that I was very surprised. Well of course we invited him in and this is roughly my conversation with him. Btw his name is Boaz, he is from Israel.

*Knock Knock
(Open the door)
Me: Hello, Is there something I can help you with?
Boaz: Yea, Are you the Mormon Church, I did not know that there were Mormons in the Philippines? 
Me: Yes, I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints aka. Mormon Church. Are you interested in learning about our church? 
Boaz: Yes, I have heard from my friends in Israel that Mormons believe in having 1000 wives, I would like to have that many, Is that True? 
He then entered the room and me and around 5 other missionaries proceeded to teach him the full Restoration of the Gospel Lesson where he learned toward the end that WE DO NOT PRACTICE POLYGAMY. He was rather interesting, It was my first time teaching in English to a Non Christian... very strange experience. 
In conclusion he left rather unhappy that we do not have 1000 wives. But he was a rather interesting person to teach... And I mostly taught the lesson, The members in the class were all Filipino. AWKWARD!! 
Anyway. Thank you for taking time to write me! 


-Elder Alex Rivera

Monday, February 23, 2015

nakabike na kami

This is from Feb. 15, 2015
By the title I can only imagine that you understand only the work "bike" in short. I now get to ride bikes again. This is great and everything, and my companion knows how to also ride. We get to save a lot of money on transportation and have more time to teach people, but of course the Philippines is about to enter summer... Soo.. fully humid, 100 degree days. and not a lot of portable water.. I almost miss being frozen in America... almost.
Me and my companion are doing amazing, no problems... I think... and yea. Great communication.
Hmm... what else to talk about.. I really love my area, and really wonder what missionary life is like in California. I am working hard even though everyone keeps mentioning that my mission is almost done and that I should be "trunky" I have been really trying to focus recently on how to become an effective teacher.. I think that I am getting better..
Because I am now one of the "older" missionaries, I get asked a lot if I know this person or that person... unfortunately most I actually do not know.. too many new missionaries replacing all my other friends. haha!!! I hope that you all are doing good.
Elder Rivera

Sunday, February 8, 2015


Hello Everyone,

I am having an amazing time right now in my area. We were able to witness this past weekend stake conference. It was amazing, they had 4 recent returned missionaries talk, and then 4 soon to leave missionaries.. they all leave in about two weeks. I love my new companion, Elder Lozares, we have no problem getting along and we are really enjoying our area. 

I am working hard, learning a lot, and trying to strive to become a better person. 

Thank you,


Elder Rivera

Monday, November 10, 2014

Its time to be cool!

Hey everyone!

So guess what. I was not transferred again. Guess I will be here for 6 weeks. SO of course I have a new companion, his name is Elder Mandigma. He is from Batangas, Philippines. So that is my 9th companion, and my 9th Filipino companion. I think my Mission President must be having a lot of fun because I am the only American in the whole mission to not have had another American companion at least one transfer. But I am alright with it, I get along with the Filipino's much better than the Americans here... I know a few American Missionaries who have had only American Companions there whole missions. That must suckkkkk!

Here is a picture of some of the missionaries that are in my Apartment. They are freakin cool!
The one on the right is Elder Busby, he is a New Zealander and might become my companion soon. We found out from my Companion Elder Mandigma that he had a problem where he can not see at night without lights... well my area has no lights.. so my companion has to ride a bike at night unable to see... I think that after my Mission President finds out that he might not want him here anymore.

Let see what else, Honestly I am alright. I am starting to have so much fun here im my area. I have been here a crazy amount of time!

Love Elder Rivera