Saturday, August 10, 2013

Week 2 - Still at the MTC... 8/10/2013
(Please excuse the poor spelling, tagalog is influencing my lack of english skills)
Lets see, I think I will talk a little bit more about my companions, ill send pictures as soon as possible, but yeah. My companions are pretty neat guys. Both are from Utah, Elder Manning is from North Ogden and Elder Eagar is from Provo. As a companionship we get along very well. One of the great things about them is that they are around the same age, E. Eagar is two weeks older and E. Manning is two weeks younger. So that is a blessing, we can still have those immature moments. The only problems we have had have really been frustrations with learning tagalog, but other than that we have been able to not get mad each other. The schedule here is a pain in my opinion, we roughly follow the same schedule. We arise at 6:30, Breakfast at 7:30, after breakfast we have 3 hours of classroom instuction by Guro(Teacher) Ward, followed by an hour of personal study time, Then lunch, after lunch we begin an hour language study follewed by 3 more hours of classroom instruction, followed by dinner and the gym time and then an hour of TALL(Technology Assisted Language Learning) which is the most boring thing of all. By 9 we have scheduling/distric meeting until we retire for be at 9:30. During Classroom instruction we have opportunities to teach "investagators" who are really just voulenteers. But starting this monday we actually have to teach our teacher once or twice a day lessons in tagalog without notes. So things are starting to get a bit stressful. So stressful they actually gave us a lesson of Stress. Which just annoyed me more because they asked me how I relieved stress before me mission and I commented on I used to Swim, Listen to Music, and Sleep which I either cant do because of mission rules or because there is no time for breaks. I annoyed my teacher just slightly when I commented on that. Umm... what else. This week we had two great devotionals, Last Sunday we had Jenny Oaks Bakar preform the violine and talk to us which was really cool, and then on tuesday we had Jay E. Jenson speak to us, he is an Emiritus(Retired) Gerneral Authorit who has been in the quorums of the 70 and such. hmm.. What else... There really isnt anything really else that happens here... Lessons, Feeling the power of God, Not being able to do stuff that I used to do.
One of the best things that has helped has been mail, which has been so entertaining to check everyday and almost always have something new to read and respond to.(hint hint) so if you have time I would like to recieve mail still while I can, not sure about the situation in the Philippines so right now is the best time. My address is
Elder Alexander Jeffery Rivera
2007 N 900 E Unit 52
Provo UT 84062
(go to to send me mail the day of so I do not have to wait half a week to get letters, or just send letters. Doesnt matter to me that much)
Lets see I Still have ahwile before my hour of internet is gone so... let me think... I have two teachers. (Brother) Guro Ward and (Sister) Guro Cope, both are amazing. P-day has become the best day which I knew would happen. We usually wake up early, like 5:00am in order to do laundry, so we can just go back to sleep and then we have nothing to do all day but "Study" and meals. One of the weird things is they have caffine free Mountain Dew, which is honestly the most confusing thing. Ohh and the Barqs rootbeer they have is in the normal can but does not have caffine in it. They apparently get it without caffine in Utah, who would have known. It is kinda funny, on the first day I was soo excited to see at least one soda had caffine, until my joy was shattured by my companions... my caffine withdrawl had been interesting to deal with.
If you wouldnt mind, whoever feels like it, see if you can send my address to anyone who wants or needs it.. I have very limited time to email people... and I would like to email more people and get more mail. There is a sister in my distric who everyday had more packages and mail than everyone else in the distriked combined:/ Time has started to fly by quicker, after the first sunday, which happend to be fast sunday:p.
I thank you all for your letters, and for those who havent send me stuff please do, I am stuck on a campus where news from the outside world is limited to letters and emails.... SO send me stuff.
I will send pictures as soon as possible.. it is hard to find a computer that accepts cameras because of all the filters and secutity they put on these computers... I have found a couple that do but they are alwasy in use and I have little time to do stuff. Life has started to become mundane but still continues to be stressful. The weather is also wierd here, it rained everyday for the past three days... i swear that its already fall here. I miss CA weather..
With much love,
Your missionary,
Elder Rivera

Ohh btw, If someone wants to be nice to my companions and send them letters also, i am sure that they would appreciate that. there letter address are the same as mine exept with there names at the top instead of mine. Elder Joel E. Manning Elder Tyler Eagar

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