Saturday, August 31, 2013

Week 5- I think . . .

Great news this week! I got my travel plans, I will admit that I was so giddy with excitement. It is crazy to think that within the next two weeks I will be in the Philippines. On the 9th I catch a red eye flight from SLC to LAX, from there I fly to Hong Kong and then on to manila. Non of my layovers are longer than two hours which is good. On an interesting note, I also am scheduled to fly from Manila to Detroit Metro, MI if my Visa does not make it through that is the flight that I will take... I have to reenter the united states on a direct flight. :( does not sound fun at all... 

It is a small world here in the MTC. On Tuesday I met a girl from Denmark, who knew the Perkins. She was excited when I asked here if she knew them, her eyes light up when I told her that Michael was the one who baptized me. The whole time I was taking to her my Companion Elder Manning was awk standing near me with a confused question. I guess it is not normal in the MTC for Missionaries to randomly start a conversation with a female... 

On another note, Im sorry if my letters are kinda everywhere. I seem to have a lot on my mind here. 
Umm this past Sunday I go changed to only one companion, which is a lot easier to teach with only one other person. 

On Tuesday Elder Neil L. Anderson came and visited. He spoke on Love and Sacrifice. Which was awesome. That night it rained crazy hard in Provo, lighting and thunder were so loud that they had to delay the apostles departure out of fear for his and all of our safety. So we ended up singing lots and lots of songs while he shook peoples hands in the audience. 

My lessons have exponentially gotten better from what they were last week. We got an investigator to commit to being baptised which was cool, even if it was a fake one. Her name was nennet and she was extreamly difficult to teach. 

My favorite saying this week is 'Gwapo pa" which means Still Handsome... so when anyone askes me how I am doing that is my response. Im excited to be leaving the MTC! Ill be able to email again next saturday so there will be only one more email from the MTC. 

Mahal ko lahat 

-Elder Rivera

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