Sunday, September 8, 2013

Final Week MTC

Finally! I am almost to the Philippines, in the next two days my flight leaves so the next time you receive an email it will be from wherever my first area is, along with my new companion's info! I can not wait until I get there. 

Lets see, this week has been long and quick at the same time. My teaching lessons have stopped and nothing really interesting has happened except one thing which I will talk about shortly. Yesterday(Friday) was the most boring day I have ever had at the MTC, we had an eight hour in-field orientation that honestly was the most general info I have ever heard. It was for all Elders and Sisters who were leaving, including English speaking, so it was not area specific which was in my opinion pointless, because each area is radically different. And plus we could not ever speak in Tagalog because the other people couldn't understand us, so for a whole day we felt different that we were hearing English almost the whole day. I would have thought that I would have liked that, but then again it is cool being able to speak in Tagalog with people.

This past sunday we had the coolest people every give all the missionaries a devotional, they were the MTC presidents of the Philippines. Which was awesome, we got the see pictures and hear stories about the places we were all heading. All the other several thousand missionaries were bored except us going to the Philippines. It was a big boost for our moral when he was talking how the Philippines was the best missions to go to. 

So the most interesting thing that has happened this week has been that my companion, Elder Manning, decided that right before we get to the Philippines he was going to go to the doctor to get his ingrown toe fixed. Smart move right? Well it was pretty normal, we got a ride off the MTC campus which was so nice! My first day away from the MTC in over 5 weeks. So we were both incredibly excited that we were leaving, even if it was only for a short while. Anything that is a change to our schedule excites us nowadays, kinda sad I know. Back to the story, so we arrive at the doctors office, I have to go into the room with him so I get to see the whole thing. The doctor comes in, Gets a giant needle out, sticks it into different places around his toe in order to numb it, and all is good. The doctor leaves and I get out a language book so that I can study and not waste too much time. Right when I got the book out, my companions head drops slightly so I look up. My companion then proceeds to go into a seizure, now this of course frightens me, so I slightly raise my voice and call for the doctor who comes in at a calm pace. The doctor just seems to be amused, which is weird, and just waits for my companion to wake up out of the seizure. Apparently my companion does not like shots. 

I am sorry that nothing else exciting has happened this week. It was really a boring week other than what I have already said. I miss everyone. And I will give you all my new address as soon as I get it. 
Mahal po ko ng lahat mga tao! 
"I love every one" 

- love, Elder Rivera

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