Sunday, September 15, 2013

First Week in the Philippines!!! I HAVE TOILETTE PAPER and WARM SHOWERS

Kumusta everyone! 

Wow, It has been such a long time since I last contacted everyone. Lets see, After 2 days of traveling. Im not joking, literally 48 hours of trains, planes, and buses I have finally arrived here in Baguio. (btw, dearelder still works. Just put it under the Baguio Mission tab thing) 
Umm, let see. I flew into manilla when it was morning. Got through security very quickly for a foreigner, because of my cool visa. I got out of the airport and immediatly met a random philippino told me he was supposed to take us to the bus stop. We believed him and got into the car with him and we drove around in manilla for a little while until we got to the bus stop. Manila is such a crazy place, they have like no driving laws or something. So i got to the bus stop and had to wait for the next bus that was going to San Fernando. I got on the bus and 8 long hours later I arrived at my mission home and met my Mission President. Pres. Balledos is such a cool guy, he is a small pinoy and has a great sense around him. We has to wait for two days in the san fernando heat, which was crazy, over 100 degrees with full humidity. I didnt even need a blanket to sleep it was that warm. I have never sweated as much in my life as then. I have yet to get dry still. On friday I enter my mission area. I have been assigned to the Pacdal C, Baguio City area along with my trainer Elder Ramos. He is a small pinoy who speaks broken english and so we have a blast trying to communicate with each other. Right now we are staying in a small appartment in a hotel with the zone leaders while we wait for our appartment to get ready. So we have to ride in several jeepnys in order to get to our area and teach people. We have 4 baptisms already sceduled in ocotber and three of them I get to baptise. the only one I am not going to baptise is a 20 year old philippina who I have been the first to teach here. Her name is Rhose sta ana, and she has been to church already with us. Ohh, we walked into church on sunday with another new investigator. The area is beutifly here in Baguio City, it is always cold and raining. And i mean COLD and RAINING, it is around 65 degrees here and never stops raining, its way better than the humidity of everywhere else in the philippines. The only problem is having to walk everywhere up and down the mountains in the rain to get places. It is sooooo crazy, I have eaten so much good food. They feed us so well here. ASK ME QUESTIONS please, I have no idea what else to write about!? 

Lots of Love, 

Elder Alex Rivera

p.s. They have showers and toilette paper here, although I have yet to use the toilette paper and have embraced the philippino way of wiping... never shake with the left hand :) 

One of the pics is me with my companion, the other is the mission home, which is on the beach.

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