Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hey 9/30/13

Hey everyone, this week has been fun. Before I explain I need to finish explaining why in my last email I said Merry Christmas... So in the Philippines Christmas is celebrated about 3 months in advance. They take it very seriously. 

So this week...

Not really much has happened. I got a new house mate, hes not a pet but I have held him and played with him. He is very nice and doesnt bite at all. Actually I played with him for about 15 min in my hand before he got a little temperamental and had to find something to eat so i let him go. Wow, thats exciting that Preston got him mission call, I didnt even know he had put in his papers!!! That is good for him. 

The other picture is the view I wake up to each morning when It is nice and sunny outside which has been only the last two days. My schedule is kinda tight so I have only A little bit of time to write anyone. So because of this, and because it takes a long time to write and send this email to everyone I am going to add a link with the blog that my aunt set up for me if you do not already have it. That is where you can get a weekly update from me. I will of course still try to respond to as many emails as possible if you still want to write me.

My actual address... is... you can send packages or mail to this address. But remember that It takes awhile for me to respond. So mail should come by email if possible. 

Elder Alex Rivera
Philippines Baguio Mission 
LDS Chapel National Highway
Brgy. Lingat, San Fernando City
La Union

In order to ease some peoples minds about the water situation here. I have pure water in my apartment now.. we didn't for the last week because of the water filter not working. Umm I stopped carrying my water bottle with me because it is not needed in the city... I can always but a water bottle for about 15 peso so if that freaked you out I am sorry. But it is kinda weird to carry that water bottle when it is unnecessary and plus it takes forever to get water out of it. There is not much I can not get here if I want to buy it. I just bought Dominos pizza a little while ago.. so good. The philippines is amazing. I have two baptisms this week and two more later this month.

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