Monday, September 23, 2013


September 22, 2013

Well, hello everyone. How goes it? 

So this week... well I finally moved out of a Hotel and moved into an actual apartment, it is really nice and has warm water also. The other american Elders are jealous because of the warm water. Umm, we were stuck indoors this past saturday because of all the rain and wind. Its been interesting having to walk up stairs and mountains in the storm. But the work must continue so only this past saturday were we told to stay indoors. Luckily we only have minimal flooding here in Baguio city, so thats all good. Lets see, I tried Balut a few days ago, I am the first white Elder to do so so far. (Balut, a fertalized duck egg) it actually was kinda good. But it makes your blood pressure spike crazily. Its kinda nice here, beautiful except for the weather. Lets see... my stomuch is not very happily with me right now. I never used the filtered water bottle that they gave us in the MTC, and I always buy food from sketch vendors. But is all good, I will get used to it. At least I hope, the work must continue right! haha, well saturday becuase of all the time I had to ponder life I acctually got a little bit homesick.. of couse my mission president would send me to the one area of the mission where I can not see the ocean:p but its all good. I love my area and the food here is amazing. 

I will admit that storms are not fun, and the rain is something that also sucks, but the people are so humble and nice. I get to see people with machine guns all the time, if you know a little bit about the phillippines there is a muslim presence here that they try to grab americans and stuff like that. So the security is tight here. I saw some girls walking around with guns, my companion told me that they were drug runners.. so yeah. I live in an interesting country. 

On that note, GUESS WHAT.. everything is so cheap here. Like super cheap. I can get a pair of vans for about 10 dollors american, or 400 pesos... and the food is also so cheap. Ill send so pictures next week about stuff Ive been eating. Clothes are so cheap also, I can get a custom made suit for around 75 dollars american, im thinking about right before leaving just buying a ton of clothes and and stuff like that because I will not need most of the stuff I brought here. 

well, Ill see you when I see you, 
Elder Rivera

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