Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hello From Candon!


Hello everyone! 

So I got Transferred... To the low lands. My new area is in Santiago, right above Candon (look on a map). So that means I also got a new Companion. It is kinda funny, His name is Elder Baello, and he is from Manila Area. Sorry, no pictures today, maybe next week. My companion is actually only one transfer ahead of me( 6 weeks) and it is his first area. But the interesting is because we are each others 2nd companion we are follow up training each other. Which is never supposed to happen haha. So this week, umm... Very sad. On Wednesday I was told I was leaving Baguio on that Friday. And I am the only White Person from my group of missionaries from the MTC that is not in Baguio anymore:) So kinda a good thing. 

So good things, my area and the members in my area are very supportive. I am far away from other missionaries other than my companion and one more set of Elders. So this just shows how much President Trusts us. He would not send someone who is not focused on missionary work here:) 

Bad things... a lot. No shower, no running water, a freaky crazy guy who watches my house, which is behind the local church. and a few other things that I can not mention because it would scare too many people. Namely spiders:) Lot and Lots of Spiders:) Ohh so this week is Halloween here, I will explain next week why I mention that... not good thing. 

Sorry this week I am really pressed for time in my emails, Im trying to respond to someone with a rather long email. BTW the music here in really good. Due to the fact that everywhere there is music playing, on Jeepnys, trykes, and buses, and as we walk around, people are always blasting music from their houses. I actually get to listen to music a lot of the time. And it is usually songs that I know. I know, I know, unfair that I get to listen to music as a missionary. But I am not being disobedience because I do not choose to listen to it, it just is everywhere.

well love eveery one. 
Elder Rivera

P.S. thanks for the Happy Birthdays

Monday, October 21, 2013

Thanks for the Happy Birthdays!!

So today is my birthday, it is also my prep day...

So for this past week some interesting things have happened. So due to one of my investigators deciding that she wanted to be baptized sooner this past Saturday, and it was already Thursday, and on Friday we went on exchanges... basically I had about 2 hours to plan a baptism and call and text people to be there. ohh and the bishop is out of town. So.. I had a hectic week. Plus on Wednesday we had to drive down to the mission home, a 3 hour bus ride either way, to be told we were no longer needed... so fun, hectic, weird week. So if I can, i will include a picture of that. And remember when I said that Baguio does not flood ever, well... I was wrong, we had a signal 3 typhoon this past week and it flooded. So if I can there will be another picture of that. Nothing really interesting has happened, other than that. I have another baptism hopefully this Saturday, hopefully... if he can quit smoking. And I had some really cool discussions in Tagalog with some people. I am still unable to speak much, but I can understand a lot of what people say now... which is cool.

So what else,

Two elders recently got sent or decided to go home(not because of anything bad) , both in my zone, so things have gotten a little hectic with companionship in my area. People keep getting transferred out of the area and stuff... and its transfer week this week so I might be getting a new companion.
Kinda excited, kinda not because I really like my current companion Elder Ramos. He is really cool and really good at teaching me Tagalog. We get along very well also, although communication is not really there sometimes... language barrier.

Well, that’s all I have time to write, I have to write a few more letters, sige po.

Ingat po kayo,
Elder Rivera

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hello, another Typhoon.. and didn't eat dog


Had another Typhoon only level 3 so it was all good. Umm, so I will start by explaining the pictures. The one of the birthday is not for mine, but for a sister in our district[Toni: same picture he sent last week and Elder Rivera's birthday is October 21.  Send him a happy bday email or card, even if it will be late]. We take birthdays very, very seriously here. By the way, it takes 3 weeks for me to get a letter. Just letting you know. And lets see, the other picture is of a sign here in the Philippines that confused me very very much because at first I only read the bottom two lines. And still.. Segregation... I had to think about the meaning behind the word rather than the historical context. Which is why it confused me.

The language goes great. At this point I can kinda understand what people are saying, if its during a lesson. But sometimes It really confuses me. As far as speaking, I can say somethings. But yea. Its going alright.

The other day, I was watching the news of the typhoon, and saw people surfing on the waves! Crazy. Which reminds me, can someone please tell me what is going on in the world, if anything interesting or important happens. I would hate to get back home and learn that we started living on the moon, and Michael Jackson was really alive, and Justin Beiber got a new haircut.

I loved conference. It was amazing. First time I watched all of conference. My favorite talks were Elder Uchtdorf talk on Saturday morning session, and also Elder Hollands talk about depression on Saturday Night. All and all it was a great conference.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October 7th 2013

So this week, Had a good time doing almost absolutely nothing.
Let me explain, the highlight of this week was that we Baptized 2 people,

Sister Krystel Caire Sanchez Gapuz
She is 17, a college student. And she has a strong testimony. Her dad was a Returned Missionary who decided to leave her and her mom after a few years of them being married. So it was good to see her returning to church as stuff.

Brother Esteven Navalta Horton
10 years old, very very funny. His family is mostly Mormon, his dad is an endowed member so that's good.

So back to what we did this week. My companion, Elder Ramos has been very sick the last 6 days. He was barely able to move for a few days because of his belly was having trouble and he had chills. So so far for him it has been very unpleasant. We barely made it to the baptism service... But on another not.

[section removed]

So on an other note, remember when I mentioned that everything was cheap here in the Philippines. Well... I just found out where the Black Market is.. And I started shopping there... Someone wanted to sell me Beats by Dre for only 300 peso(5 dollars) and I could buy guitars and keyboards for about 20 american. But its kinda a sketch area of downtown Baguio.. but really really cheap. Everything they sell there is most likely stolen.. or taken... or found some illegal way. But its all good. I can get some really nice stuff for real cheap.

Lots of love,
Elder Rivera