Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hello From Candon!


Hello everyone! 

So I got Transferred... To the low lands. My new area is in Santiago, right above Candon (look on a map). So that means I also got a new Companion. It is kinda funny, His name is Elder Baello, and he is from Manila Area. Sorry, no pictures today, maybe next week. My companion is actually only one transfer ahead of me( 6 weeks) and it is his first area. But the interesting is because we are each others 2nd companion we are follow up training each other. Which is never supposed to happen haha. So this week, umm... Very sad. On Wednesday I was told I was leaving Baguio on that Friday. And I am the only White Person from my group of missionaries from the MTC that is not in Baguio anymore:) So kinda a good thing. 

So good things, my area and the members in my area are very supportive. I am far away from other missionaries other than my companion and one more set of Elders. So this just shows how much President Trusts us. He would not send someone who is not focused on missionary work here:) 

Bad things... a lot. No shower, no running water, a freaky crazy guy who watches my house, which is behind the local church. and a few other things that I can not mention because it would scare too many people. Namely spiders:) Lot and Lots of Spiders:) Ohh so this week is Halloween here, I will explain next week why I mention that... not good thing. 

Sorry this week I am really pressed for time in my emails, Im trying to respond to someone with a rather long email. BTW the music here in really good. Due to the fact that everywhere there is music playing, on Jeepnys, trykes, and buses, and as we walk around, people are always blasting music from their houses. I actually get to listen to music a lot of the time. And it is usually songs that I know. I know, I know, unfair that I get to listen to music as a missionary. But I am not being disobedience because I do not choose to listen to it, it just is everywhere.

well love eveery one. 
Elder Rivera

P.S. thanks for the Happy Birthdays

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