Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October 7th 2013

So this week, Had a good time doing almost absolutely nothing.
Let me explain, the highlight of this week was that we Baptized 2 people,

Sister Krystel Caire Sanchez Gapuz
She is 17, a college student. And she has a strong testimony. Her dad was a Returned Missionary who decided to leave her and her mom after a few years of them being married. So it was good to see her returning to church as stuff.

Brother Esteven Navalta Horton
10 years old, very very funny. His family is mostly Mormon, his dad is an endowed member so that's good.

So back to what we did this week. My companion, Elder Ramos has been very sick the last 6 days. He was barely able to move for a few days because of his belly was having trouble and he had chills. So so far for him it has been very unpleasant. We barely made it to the baptism service... But on another not.

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So on an other note, remember when I mentioned that everything was cheap here in the Philippines. Well... I just found out where the Black Market is.. And I started shopping there... Someone wanted to sell me Beats by Dre for only 300 peso(5 dollars) and I could buy guitars and keyboards for about 20 american. But its kinda a sketch area of downtown Baguio.. but really really cheap. Everything they sell there is most likely stolen.. or taken... or found some illegal way. But its all good. I can get some really nice stuff for real cheap.

Lots of love,
Elder Rivera

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