Monday, October 21, 2013

Thanks for the Happy Birthdays!!

So today is my birthday, it is also my prep day...

So for this past week some interesting things have happened. So due to one of my investigators deciding that she wanted to be baptized sooner this past Saturday, and it was already Thursday, and on Friday we went on exchanges... basically I had about 2 hours to plan a baptism and call and text people to be there. ohh and the bishop is out of town. So.. I had a hectic week. Plus on Wednesday we had to drive down to the mission home, a 3 hour bus ride either way, to be told we were no longer needed... so fun, hectic, weird week. So if I can, i will include a picture of that. And remember when I said that Baguio does not flood ever, well... I was wrong, we had a signal 3 typhoon this past week and it flooded. So if I can there will be another picture of that. Nothing really interesting has happened, other than that. I have another baptism hopefully this Saturday, hopefully... if he can quit smoking. And I had some really cool discussions in Tagalog with some people. I am still unable to speak much, but I can understand a lot of what people say now... which is cool.

So what else,

Two elders recently got sent or decided to go home(not because of anything bad) , both in my zone, so things have gotten a little hectic with companionship in my area. People keep getting transferred out of the area and stuff... and its transfer week this week so I might be getting a new companion.
Kinda excited, kinda not because I really like my current companion Elder Ramos. He is really cool and really good at teaching me Tagalog. We get along very well also, although communication is not really there sometimes... language barrier.

Well, that’s all I have time to write, I have to write a few more letters, sige po.

Ingat po kayo,
Elder Rivera

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