Sunday, November 10, 2013

Buhay pa! - still alive!

Hello my fellow Americans.

I am perfectly safe and happy, except the  "A" button on this keyboard is not working very well. But lets see, first off. I repeat I am Perfectly Safe and Happy! The only thing I felt from the super typhoon is  a little bit of rain.  I feel really bad for the other areas in the Philippines that were effected, they are going to have a hard time rebuilding, but then again they are always rebuilding the areas in the Philippines, that's because for some reason the Philippines gets all sorts of Freak Storms and earthquakes.

My weeks go by quickly now. I only have around 20 months left of my mission, which is crazy! I am going to be saying that a lot every few months. The work here does go by really quickly. I usually have around 4-10 lessons planned a day, depending if I have meeting or not. But sometimes people are not home, or do not want us to give a lesson. I takes awhile to get to some of my areas and so it's not fun when I walk to a villages 4 miles away and expect 5 lessons but only get 1 because all the people are gone. And when there is a death in my area, it seems like no one is home because for 9 days they mourn the dead here.

I'm sorry, this is going to be one of those short letters again. I have a lot to write my mission president this week because we went of exchanges [Toni: when they are with a missionary that is not their companion] and we are supposed to write our experience in detail to him :p So sorry for a short letter! Live Long and Prosper

Elder Alex Rivera.

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