Friday, November 29, 2013

Hello from the Philippines!

Well this week has been interesting. Due to the fact that are baptism rate for the entire mission for the past 3 months has been really bad. We have had a few workshops about how to prepare and extend a baptism date. Unfortunately we are unable(me and my companion) to reach our mission goal of 2 baptism a month this transfer. But so is life, we tried but are goals were crushed when we realized that no investigators were at church. Luckily though we might be able to have three or four baptisms next transfer. Speaking of which, so by the end of this week I will find out if I will be training or if Elder Baello will be training. We have been told that President was starting to make younger missionaries become trainers and also District Leaders, although I think that I am not yet ready for that...

So good news, for christmas I am aloud 2 45min calls  in the month of December to immediate family. So Im not sure when you are available, but message me and we can figure that out hopefully by next week. Im not sure how I am going to use both calls, but I can use them anytime. So just tell me what fits your schedule best.  

Lets see, so what happened to me this week that was interesting, before I tell you these stories please remember that I am perfectly safe, If my mission president gets any angry calls about how I am not safe.. I will tell no more stories ever.. joke.. kinda. 

First Story, kinda short.. 

So me and my companion were eating at a hotdog stand, yes we have them here, and they are really cheap also. But as we finished eating a truck full of about 25 Philippino guys jump out of it. It was packed with people everywhere, but it was alright because that actually is normal in the Philippines.  The not so normal thing was when we realized they had guns.. usually people do not just carry around guns here, although I have seen it.. but not usually a lot of guys. I noticed the guns and mentioned them to my companion, he basically told me to get out of there as quick as possible.. he was not sure but he thought they were NPA's or basically rebals fighting the government here, and they, the NPA's, tended to like to kidnap white people. So we got out of there very very quickly... We went to the Bishops house who jokinly told me I was going to die...  I did not appreciate the joke that much.. but he told us not to worry, there were no NPA's this close to town. Farther up in the mountains yes, but not where I normally am. So I am alive still.... 

Second Story, not scary at all... although I almost beat up a guy... 

Long story.  This story is actually about what happened at church. But actually this person actually was not a member and never goes to church. So right after church all the members and us were waiting for the ward meal to start.. and I noticed this guy walking angrily after some young children in our ward. And he was only in a towel.. and he kept trying to hit them very hard with a stick. So anyway, the kids run into the chapel where there parents are and the mostly naked guy runs into the church after them. By this time all of us men were protecting the children... but the guy decided to try to pick a fight with the members.. he was really angry. anyway, he kept trying to hit me, and an old guy in the ward and basically was yelling "I'm going to kill you" in about 4 languages. I understood 3 of them. But apparently he thought we had been throwing rocks at his house. which is next to our house. He made me very very very mad. And the only thing that kept me from punching him in the face was the fact that I was a missionary.. although Im pretty sure I would not get sent home for that.. but I did not want to find out. 

Well there are my stories. Enjoy them, dont think I'm going to die, I am safe.

Love Elder Rivera

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