Sunday, November 3, 2013

Its been a long week

Actually this week has been semi-alright. Due to several holidays this week, along with elections going on it has been kinda scary to be white here in Santiago. I have been relativity safe though so that is good. So for 5 days this week we have been going home before it gets dark here in my new area. So what is my new area like? well, difficult is a good word to use. The Ward here actually is really good to me and the missionaries. We get fed very often and they love working with us. The only bad things are really my Mansion Apartment that has no running water. So I have several new experiences this week, one was taking a Philippine Bath/Shower. That really is actually not that  bad, basically it is having a bucket of water, going outside is just shorts and taking a cup bath. It feels really good when since it is always hot here Santiago. What else, hmm. Well I just sent some letters in the mail, so I hope those that I sent them to will receive them... Hmm. I have to walk almost 5 miles to get to a small village where we have a lot of families and people we teach every day. It is all good though, unless it is raining. I have a great relationship with the native people here, they flock around me and it is always easy to find new people to teach, the only real problem right now is the language, or I should say, both languages that I have to learn lol. So lets see, we get water by having it pumped into large buckets and then we bring the buckets close to our house. My house/apartment is two stories, very big and fun. But very hot and we have a pet cow that just disappeared yesterday. Lots of other pets too, like spiders, cats, chickens, and lizards. So yea, here in the Philippines is all good. I actually listen to some weird music though, today I heard a Bruno Mars song, mixed with Gangam Style, and Joy to the World, and two other Christmas songs. It was very, very strange.

With love, from the Philippines

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  1. Hey Alex, did the Typhoon hit your area