Monday, November 18, 2013

Hello from the middle of nowhere Philippines. Joke.. kinda...
So this week has been really uneventful. My investigators and Less-Active families that I teach, all of them, were harvesting rice fields this week so my lesson count went crazy down. And my companion for two days had high blood pressure so he could not really do much because he was way too woozy to do anything. So mostly I just studied and slept as much as possible.

This past Friday the zone leaders called me and my companion and asked us to do a workshop for zone studies on Monday(today). So we accepted even though it was both of our first ever workshop with helping train missionaries. So today we gave it, and luckily it went very well.

I have officially started learning Ilakano. I started how almost everyone starts. . . by first learning things I should not ever say to people. So I now insults in 4 languages.  English, Vesiyas, Illakano, and Tagalog. The reason that I have started learning Illakano is because every sunday I have no idea what is being said because it is all in Illakano. So due to the fact that the Single Adults in my ward are always saying stuff to me and then laughing I decided that it would be good to start learning.

The pictures are of me and my companion in San Esteban. It's a brand new open area that they are going to put missionaries as soon as we are able to find them an apartment. We got the assignment to find the apartment because... well.. we were the closest people to this area. The Candon Zone, the zone I am, currently covers an area of about 3 hours driving. So yeah.. my zone is crazy big.

So news updates? I only see what has been happening from the storm. Btw.. Because of the storm one Philippine Mission is closing for awhile, it's the area my companion is from. All the missionaries there are safe, but are going to be relocated to different missions. Ohh yea, my companions house got destroyed during the storm. Luckily he has three more so it is alright. My companion is a rich pinoy :p Well I have to go now, enjoy America. With all the high prices. A day in the philippines is always interesting. In fact, they have a saying that roughly translates to "its always funner in the Philippines" I said roughly because the saying also uses deep Tagalog words so the is a lot more meaning behind it then that.

Elder Rivera

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