Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Week In the Philippines

Well, Hello.
Lots of fun this week. Places to go and people to see. But lets see, anything exciting... Well, just that me and my companion have been able to successively go though a whole week without too much getting mad at each other. So lets see, I celebrated Christmas this past Wednesday in Baguio city. Me and my group/friends from the MTC got to see each other. Two of them are companions right now. So it is kinda weird.  I believe in two weeks I will have exactly 1 1/2 years lets. People told me the days were long, not true. It goes way too quickly.

The days are going good. Some missionaries, I am not mentioning names, have the tendency that when its morning study time and the people who live near these missionaries happen to be blasting rap and reggae music really loudly. Instead of blocking it out they tend to open to front door to hear better:) I deny that it was me, or any of the other missionaries in my apartment.

Short Letter...

For some reason this holiday has been alright... except for a difficult companion. Well enjoy.. I am enjoying life here. lots to do.. never too much down time.

Elder Rivera

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