Monday, December 2, 2013

Hey Everyone

Christmas Greetings, here in the Philippines it has been Christmas for the last few months but only now is it really good, fireworks every day, drunk people at night! Man it feels like America. Joke. 

What else, so from that really great experience with the NPA that I talked about last week,  my Mission President called us and told me that I would be getting transferred this week. So I will have a new area and a new companion by next Monday:) 

How is it in America, the pictures that I am sending will show you what I do on my Prep Day, today we had a zone activity and we kinda just partied [Toni: in a Mormon missionary kind of way and he didn't send any pictures]. It was really nice, made me feel real homesick though. But then again I have almost been on my mission 6 months [Toni: by my calculations it has only been 4 months]

So what have I learned so far, well some of the languages... both ilakano and tagalog.. umm that having a great companionship is one of the best things ever. I really should learn to wake up earlier. And it would suck to be on an american mission for me. Candon has the best zone leaders... one is super ready to go home, he has 6 weeks left. And Utah Elders are the most strict of anyone on a mission. Sometimes this is good, although most of the time it just makes people in the Philippines hate Missionaries. What do I mean by this, each mission has a unique culture around it. In American missions all the missionaries are expected to be extremely obedient and hard working. Here, we are the same, but to Filipino standards. It is not less obedient... it is just we have a lot less people checking up on us, the expectations are different and the culture is different. So this last batch of new missionaries that are from Utah have really been a pain. They try to tell other missionaries how we should act and stuff, they all think their filipino companions are super disobedient and they refuse to really embrace the culture. Because of this of course the work in their areas have really taken a dive. You can not be an Missionary from America and expect everything to be the same as in american missions. And I have heard them wish things were different. So this experience has made me really glad that I have embraced the culture. 


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