Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Maligaya Pasko!


Well what is new this weeks? Not much, me and my companion are doing... better. Kinda. Although it is really hard still. But for the most part we have settled our differences. Mostly. So lets see, this week has been difficult for many reasons, we are opening the area meaning there is no teaching pool, or no one we have to teach. And trying to find people in our area is hard because of how far away it is. This area just got   split so that sister missionaries could work here, but unfortunately we had to give them the best area's within the area. So now we only have the smallest section that is so far that no one there will want to go to church. But we have had some luck so far.  We have been able to teach A few people which is cool.

So the last two days, Saturday, and Sunday I have been able to attend a branch conference where our mission president was there for both days. And it was nice because he was able to testify of the goodness of member missionaries. And then last night we were able to watch the Christmas broadcast from SLC. let's see... what else. Sorry for no pictures again. Due to my camera just getting here, and me not liking my companion I have found no need to turn it on.

Hmm, but I am doing fine right now. I get to hang out with my other white friends from the MTC on Wednesday this week. It has been a long time since I have seen them. A lot has changed in me and in them. President told us that we would be watching a regular movie, not a missionary movie. SO I am excited. I think next time I have an interview I am going to ask if I can listen to Tagalog rap... because I totally do not understand it :) And also will ask if I can swim... both of those I do not think he will say yes too... but a man must try since it has been also 6 months.

Love, Elder Rivera

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