Monday, December 30, 2013

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

maligayang pasko!

It is so nice to not have to be cold for Christmas, because I hate the cold. But just to clarify things, this past week I was able to Skype Toni, I am sure you have seen the pictures because I am just that special [Toni: I posted on FB, but will add here as well]. I was a little bit overwhelmed.. First I was using Skype, Second I had no idea what to expect and last but not least, my English was not the best during the Skype session. Mostly because I don't usually speak it anymore, unless I am talking to other american missionaries.

So lets see, Christmas... As I have said multiple times.. i think.. Christmas is celebrated in the Philippines for 6 months.. I mean literally 6 months. When I first got here it was already Christmas. So its been very nice to have to remember Christmas for 6 months, it makes all the missionaries homesick.

Lets see what else, My companion and me are doing better... well we at least figured out how to stand each other until transfers, although we still do not get along during the morning, or afternoon, and even at night. He is like one of the missionaries who are  like the police and always monitors what I am doing, He actually is watching me type this right now, luckily he does not understand too much English otherwise we would have another fight. :) lets see what else, hmm..

Well I happy to have been able to Skype this week. I wish I could have Skyped with everyone though. Maybe next time I will figure out how to do that. Or maybe not depending on mission rules and so forth. Enjoy Your New Years! 2014! I turn 20 this year!!! WOOO HOOO!!!

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