Friday, December 13, 2013

Week 19 . . . . I think

So I was officially moved again. Some more interesting things happened in my area, but I will save those stories until I get home:) So my new area is really close to the Mission Home, My new area is in Bauang.

This is my third area, and my third transfer. I am going to become a famous elder soon. I have the same number of areas as some of the zone leaders and most of the Sister Missionaries.

My new companion, Elder Mila... It has been three days, and I already know it will be a difficult 6 weeks... we do not agree on a lot of things... especially how to be appropriate with families that we teach. So I hope that he is only my companion for 6 weeks... I HOPE. We have already gotten in fights.. kinda. Filipinos do not really fight.. they just kinda become quite and refuse to talk to people. So this is going to be a fun fun transfer.

Lets see, some interesting facts. My last area, I was the first white missionary since 1980. So I am very special... and now President Balledoes has promised that I would be the last white person assigned there.

My new area, there are white people here.. it is weird. They are from the United States and speak no Tagalog or Ilakano. I have no idea how they survive here. They both have lived here for at least 30 years.. kinda strange I know.

My branch that I now am in used to be a stake... there are membership record for over 1000 people.. only 100 people come to church.

No pictures this week. I forgot my camera in my last apartment. But I will have it by next week. My area is difficult, and I am finding it hard to contrantrate especially when I dislike my companion and how he teaches... He served in my last area also.. he left right before I came in... he was companions with my last companion also... he is also the reason why missionary work in my area went down and people stopped going to church. He is very offensive when he teaches. But I will fix that.. or figure out how to make that a positive thing.

Love you all. Enjoy

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