Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I am so tired, haha

So first, I finally got a new companion. His name is now, Elder Villenuava. From somewhere I can not type. 

Second, I could only put one picture, my two SD cards were corrupted. Woops... SO i am trying to see if a computer person can fix them, or at least retrieve some of the pictures. 

This family is one of my favorites, they are extremely nice. 

So I have yet to recieve any of the packages, they may just be taking a long time to get to me. Hopefully soon though. What else.

I got some bad news, recently due to miss behavior of missionaries all our rules were changed and it became sticker. One of the missionaries was Elder Baello, my companion while I was in Candon, Santiago. He has been sent home... So I am very sad for him. The new rules are actually not really new, just the enforcement for breaking the rules. 

Lots of things are changing, the fact that it takes me around 5 days to remember movies is a bad thing. But at the same time it is also a good thing. So I have no idea what has happened to my american friends here, I have not heard if they are in Baguio still or if they finally moved to the low lands, where I am. ahah. 

my area was recently changed, I was given the farthest areas, so basically I am opening an area again, meaning no investigators or others. So I am tired lol

Lots of love, I heard Mark is on his mission now, tell him to email me if he can, I would love to hear about his expiriences in the mission field. Ohh and also tell that to Preston... 

With Love,
Elder Rivera

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