Sunday, January 12, 2014

Week of... Not counting anymore

I have been here way too long... haha, I realized that for several reasons, 

First, When I went to play on the beach this morning, I started playing soccer and frisby but after awhile I realized that my body started hurting. And to make matters worse I injured myself... My right hand pinky is swollen, I accidently hit my comp in the  face, and my left foot pinky toe is swollen also, because for some reason someone thought they could play in the sand with shoes on.. which I did not realize until my toe was jammed into their shoes.. so there. 

Second, President recieved inspiration and decided I would make a good Distric Leader, ehh. Mabey I will... although my idea of a good District Meeting is still going to the beach and siting talking about the world opinions, something that I think would be very looked down on. 

Third, last but not least. I forgot what it felt like to swim:( 

So sorry for the short email, lots of things I am having to do on the internet right now,

Love, Elder Rivera

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