Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Good Stories

Hmm... This week what can I say.. How about a few stories.. yeah!

1. Language Story

Alright so lets begin with saying the best language thing that happened this week. So one of my friends in my District was having FHE with some families that are less active. Well they started playing a tagalog game were your say a word and it changes directions. For example, I say shoman, another would say shaomai, and so on.. well when it came to my friends turn to say a word. Instead of saying one of the words he was supposed to say he ended up saying a very un-missionary sexually suggestive word, Hmm... I was laughing so freakin hard. 

2. Baptism Story

So lets see, tomorrow I will be having another baptism, he is 13 years old and I have had so much fun teaching him. Not much of a story...

3. Learning to Learn

Now this is probably  the most interesting thing that has happened to me recently. Last week my zone leaders decided that my apartment needed an intervention. It really did, we did not get along at all recently.. for like.. the last 6 weeks. There were a lot of things causing  this. But in reality it was me and my last companion who got transferred to a different area. Basically we never resolved a lot of anger to each other over some stupid stuff. But what happened is this. He is kinda childish so when we had a apartment inventory all he said was that everything was fine, we just needed to clean our house more. So basically everyone in the apartment knew that he was lying.. but we all decided to not say anything. But afterwords I decided to to clean our house.. which took a long time. It has been a long time since someone cleaned it.. It took several hundred peso and lots of acid.. but now our apartment is clean. And with a few other changes including family prayer each night and the fact that transfers are this week made it a lot better. We laugh, we got over the problems we were having.. and basically we learned a lot. 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Seek ye inspiration from random people. Talk To everyone.

Hello Home world,
This week has been very busy for me, trying to prepare training for other missionaries, interviewing canadets for baptisms, helping Elders get over girl problems, and many other weird things this week.
Let me think of a good story this week. So this week me and my companion have been learning patience. Not with each other, but with investigators. Let me explain. We have two investigators who are brothers.  I think they will be baptized this week, well at least one of them will be. anyway they are probly the people that ask me the most questions. I've taught preachers and strict baptist and they never asked as many questions as these two young men. But everything is alright I hope with them. One still is having trouble with a few things but it is all good... sana. anyway. 

I am in Baguio city today. I took a fieldtrip with my companion so that we can go buy stuff, mostly I just want a tazer. One of the other white elders told me I could taze  him if I wanted.  So yup, sounds like it can make a great story when I get home.. 

So this week we also went walking and just talking to people, members, random people, and we just simply talked to them about their life and so on. It was really actually a fun thing, people are so surprised that I know tagalog. hehe.
So that was pretty much my week.  Sorry, no really crazy story yet this week. I will try harder this week to do stupid things so I can tell them to people later..
Enjoy this week.
Elder Rivera

Monday, February 10, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year, and also Valentines DAYYY

Love is in the air here in the Philippines. All them girls be checking me out! Actually not even a joke. I think the best pick up line that I keep getting from the gay people and them females is I quote "Heyyy, whats your religion" I never thought that religion could be used as a pickup line. Only in the Philippines could that happen.

So lets see, This week I have been extremely busy... being sick. No joke for last last few weeks(3 months) I have been having headaches. So I decided that I would figure out how to get rid of them. So I began with drinking water all day everyday, again not a joke.  I have been drinking so much water that  my urine is clear. Literally.  You should have seen me in lessons when I had to go to the bathroom. I think they thought I was extremely excited to teach. Although all I could think about was the fact that as I walked I could find a place to go to the bathroom.

SO back to my headaches. I decided it had something to do with my eyes, which was logical. My eyes would start hurting and then my headaches would start. So I got permission to visit the doctor, 400 pesos, or 10 dollars. SOOO CHEAP. But the eye doctor told me my amazingly blue eyes were perfect. So I asked him if it could be because my eyes were blue and they received more light and because of that I have been getting headaches. He said that was most likely what was happening. So at this point I was thinking.. YES! I have a medical excuse to wear sunglasses. So as soon as I got outside I texted our medical person here(wife of the mission pres) and she told me that she would ask her husband. So the next day of course I got food poisoning... and she responded with and told me to rest for the day.. which happened to be 2 days. Regarding the sunglasses she asked the area presidency if I could wear sunglasses while walking around during the day, I thought it would work! but it did not. They told me to just drink more water... But dont worry, I have a few other missionaries with blue eyes complaining about headaches right now. Maybe I can start a revolution here in the Philippines! 

Sorry, not to spiritual this week, unless you count worshiping the toilette spiritual. JOKES "." 

Elder Rivera

P.S Ohh, and how is everyone doing. I have no idea what is happening in the world! Send me news peoples!!!!!! I keep hearing missionaries say that China is going to invade the Philippines. 

P.S.S send me pictures of everyone... I need to know what people look like! Ohh, and more picures of what I used to look like. Like my amazing beach body! LOVE YA

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Another good week

As it becomes more and more fun to do missionary work, there are some things that start changing. 

First, My body

I do not know why this is the first thing that I mention, I think it is because it is the only thing that you can notice at first glance, My body has literally gone from Tan, Muscle, California boy to skinny, white, Mormon Elder. The only good thing is that my white skin actually helps in the missionary work, along with the fact that I am from California. Almost everyone here has a relative in California. I actually was given a list of people to look up when I get home and where they live. 

Second, My Language

This one is one of those things that I would say "Duh" to. My language has changed so much from what I used to say. Speaking Tagalog has caused several things to happen to my English. Including, but not limited to, I accidentally speak Tagalog words to white people, I sometimes forget how to say a lot of things in English. And many other weird things that you will have to find out when I get home. 

Third, My Mind

This one is the one that probably scares me the most, no one likes to change, especially when I am only going to be a missionary for 2 years. But this is the one thing that is necessary for missionaries. Yup, mind change. Hurts my head sometimes. But very very good for me right now. 

SO what else is up in my life. My mission President worked with me and my companion, something that scared me very much at first. But it is all good now. He had nothing bad to say about the lessons that we went together. Although I wish they would have given me more time to prepare for working with President. Long story short, he was very impressed. Although no matter how much I tried he would not let me go swimming, but I did have a water-balloon fight earlier today. Do not ask me why. :) 

Well, with lots of love
Elder Rivera