Sunday, February 2, 2014

Another good week

As it becomes more and more fun to do missionary work, there are some things that start changing. 

First, My body

I do not know why this is the first thing that I mention, I think it is because it is the only thing that you can notice at first glance, My body has literally gone from Tan, Muscle, California boy to skinny, white, Mormon Elder. The only good thing is that my white skin actually helps in the missionary work, along with the fact that I am from California. Almost everyone here has a relative in California. I actually was given a list of people to look up when I get home and where they live. 

Second, My Language

This one is one of those things that I would say "Duh" to. My language has changed so much from what I used to say. Speaking Tagalog has caused several things to happen to my English. Including, but not limited to, I accidentally speak Tagalog words to white people, I sometimes forget how to say a lot of things in English. And many other weird things that you will have to find out when I get home. 

Third, My Mind

This one is the one that probably scares me the most, no one likes to change, especially when I am only going to be a missionary for 2 years. But this is the one thing that is necessary for missionaries. Yup, mind change. Hurts my head sometimes. But very very good for me right now. 

SO what else is up in my life. My mission President worked with me and my companion, something that scared me very much at first. But it is all good now. He had nothing bad to say about the lessons that we went together. Although I wish they would have given me more time to prepare for working with President. Long story short, he was very impressed. Although no matter how much I tried he would not let me go swimming, but I did have a water-balloon fight earlier today. Do not ask me why. :) 

Well, with lots of love
Elder Rivera

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