Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Good Stories

Hmm... This week what can I say.. How about a few stories.. yeah!

1. Language Story

Alright so lets begin with saying the best language thing that happened this week. So one of my friends in my District was having FHE with some families that are less active. Well they started playing a tagalog game were your say a word and it changes directions. For example, I say shoman, another would say shaomai, and so on.. well when it came to my friends turn to say a word. Instead of saying one of the words he was supposed to say he ended up saying a very un-missionary sexually suggestive word, Hmm... I was laughing so freakin hard. 

2. Baptism Story

So lets see, tomorrow I will be having another baptism, he is 13 years old and I have had so much fun teaching him. Not much of a story...

3. Learning to Learn

Now this is probably  the most interesting thing that has happened to me recently. Last week my zone leaders decided that my apartment needed an intervention. It really did, we did not get along at all recently.. for like.. the last 6 weeks. There were a lot of things causing  this. But in reality it was me and my last companion who got transferred to a different area. Basically we never resolved a lot of anger to each other over some stupid stuff. But what happened is this. He is kinda childish so when we had a apartment inventory all he said was that everything was fine, we just needed to clean our house more. So basically everyone in the apartment knew that he was lying.. but we all decided to not say anything. But afterwords I decided to to clean our house.. which took a long time. It has been a long time since someone cleaned it.. It took several hundred peso and lots of acid.. but now our apartment is clean. And with a few other changes including family prayer each night and the fact that transfers are this week made it a lot better. We laugh, we got over the problems we were having.. and basically we learned a lot. 

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