Monday, February 10, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year, and also Valentines DAYYY

Love is in the air here in the Philippines. All them girls be checking me out! Actually not even a joke. I think the best pick up line that I keep getting from the gay people and them females is I quote "Heyyy, whats your religion" I never thought that religion could be used as a pickup line. Only in the Philippines could that happen.

So lets see, This week I have been extremely busy... being sick. No joke for last last few weeks(3 months) I have been having headaches. So I decided that I would figure out how to get rid of them. So I began with drinking water all day everyday, again not a joke.  I have been drinking so much water that  my urine is clear. Literally.  You should have seen me in lessons when I had to go to the bathroom. I think they thought I was extremely excited to teach. Although all I could think about was the fact that as I walked I could find a place to go to the bathroom.

SO back to my headaches. I decided it had something to do with my eyes, which was logical. My eyes would start hurting and then my headaches would start. So I got permission to visit the doctor, 400 pesos, or 10 dollars. SOOO CHEAP. But the eye doctor told me my amazingly blue eyes were perfect. So I asked him if it could be because my eyes were blue and they received more light and because of that I have been getting headaches. He said that was most likely what was happening. So at this point I was thinking.. YES! I have a medical excuse to wear sunglasses. So as soon as I got outside I texted our medical person here(wife of the mission pres) and she told me that she would ask her husband. So the next day of course I got food poisoning... and she responded with and told me to rest for the day.. which happened to be 2 days. Regarding the sunglasses she asked the area presidency if I could wear sunglasses while walking around during the day, I thought it would work! but it did not. They told me to just drink more water... But dont worry, I have a few other missionaries with blue eyes complaining about headaches right now. Maybe I can start a revolution here in the Philippines! 

Sorry, not to spiritual this week, unless you count worshiping the toilette spiritual. JOKES "." 

Elder Rivera

P.S Ohh, and how is everyone doing. I have no idea what is happening in the world! Send me news peoples!!!!!! I keep hearing missionaries say that China is going to invade the Philippines. 

P.S.S send me pictures of everyone... I need to know what people look like! Ohh, and more picures of what I used to look like. Like my amazing beach body! LOVE YA

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