Monday, February 17, 2014

Seek ye inspiration from random people. Talk To everyone.

Hello Home world,
This week has been very busy for me, trying to prepare training for other missionaries, interviewing canadets for baptisms, helping Elders get over girl problems, and many other weird things this week.
Let me think of a good story this week. So this week me and my companion have been learning patience. Not with each other, but with investigators. Let me explain. We have two investigators who are brothers.  I think they will be baptized this week, well at least one of them will be. anyway they are probly the people that ask me the most questions. I've taught preachers and strict baptist and they never asked as many questions as these two young men. But everything is alright I hope with them. One still is having trouble with a few things but it is all good... sana. anyway. 

I am in Baguio city today. I took a fieldtrip with my companion so that we can go buy stuff, mostly I just want a tazer. One of the other white elders told me I could taze  him if I wanted.  So yup, sounds like it can make a great story when I get home.. 

So this week we also went walking and just talking to people, members, random people, and we just simply talked to them about their life and so on. It was really actually a fun thing, people are so surprised that I know tagalog. hehe.
So that was pretty much my week.  Sorry, no really crazy story yet this week. I will try harder this week to do stupid things so I can tell them to people later..
Enjoy this week.
Elder Rivera

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