Monday, March 17, 2014

Good Morning World

Hello, I am Elder Rivera
I am currently serving in the Baguio Philippines Misison, Speaking the language of Tagalog, and Ilakanno. Both are difficult languages but through my study I have been able to learn a lot. I am currently almost 9 months into my mission. Almost half way, and I have learned so much already. Some things that I can share with people. 

"Sometimes people will not believe your words, but they will believe your actions" 

Simple really when you think about it. But really hard sometimes to do. As a missionary in one of the most happiest places in the world sometimes it is hard for people when they see the missionaries be serious. Which is one thing sometimes I have a hard time adjusting too, although it is worth it more than anyone can imagine.

This week I have been very interested in helping certain people, my goal has been to try to help those who are inactive who can still apply for their missions. My hope is that they will find a desire to go back to church. The only problem is they have problems with some of the members. So my advice is this, there are a lot of people who are less active, try your best not to become like one of them, and try to fellowship them. As we get older we tend to forget the importance of fellow shipping new investigators, and less active member. 

This is all I can really say right now, not much time for a really spiritual upliftning story, I have many, but somethings are very difficult to write and some of the things I can write are difficult things to understand. 

Thanks for the Love, 
Elder Rivera

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