Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Lots of Fun and other stuff this week...

I can never tell anymore what time it is over there.
As people have asked me what the postal service is like here. I will gladly explain. There are three ways packages can be sent here. Expensive, Cheap, and Cheaper... 
Expensive way is through LBC, it it the equivalent of FEDEX, but very expensive. The Cheap way is through the govenment postal service, much cheaper..  Like for me to send a letter, a simple letter from here to america through LBC is around 27 dollars American, and sometimes more. But through the Government.. I think 60 to 80 pesos.. or $1.50. But the cheapest way by far is give it to a random bus driver going to the area. And he will give it to someone else, who will give it to someone else until it gets to you.. Do not worry, the Church has their own version of the mail system. So that is why the address is sent to the missions not to my actual area.
Lets see what else, ohh this week.
Hmm.. Well one of my worst weeks for teaching, because I was really busy.. My companion has some problem with his teeth.. so we had to go to Baguio twice to get X rays and talk to the doctors there. We actually might have to go out of mission boundaries if they can not preform the proper operation.. But all is good. I think next week we might have a baptism.. not so sure though. I will explain that fun story later.. after we see if he can pass his interview.
Lets see, How is the world? Anything interesting in the news? Any of my friends married or going on missions? or anything... I do not get a lot of news from my home ward...
Love, Elder Rivera

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