Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Week

Hmm.. So lets see.

Holy Week here in the Philippines was very nice.

So lets see.

This week.. Not much happened. I actually met a family who loved to speak English and have been to San Jose California and they also have family in milpitas. They are really nice and very very good cooks:)

I have an area that is in the middle of a dumpsite.. yes I said a dumpsite. It is the most worst thing I have about seen in the philippines.. And I have seen a lot of weird things... but this was the worst. They have houses built into the trash mounds. Very poor here. We have to travel through it in order to get to some house that we are teaching at.. I will not take pictures of this area.. It would not be good at all.. Even the thought of it scares me.. and makes me sick.

Hmm. Holy Week has been really fun.. None of the weird people did anything crazy.. at least in Baguio City.

Nothing much now. Love you.
Keep Sending Emails.
Last week I received 3...

Elder Rivera

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