Monday, April 14, 2014

The Mountain of The Lord

Hello Everyone,

Sorry for the last few emails. I know I need to write more often and longer emails. But do not worry. I am always doing well. almost always... But you do not have to worry about the less the perfect days:) i can deal with those.

let me think... Alright some interesting things that have happened recently.. I got transferred again... It is kinda funny one of the people the has been on her mission the same time as me just got transferred. I am currently in Baguio City again. My Mission president gave me an open open area that was white washed... actually most of my zone that I am currently in was white washed.. which kinda sucks.. but it makes it easier to start new. Some of the people in the area are kinda weird. Let see what else. My new companion is Elder Tabucol, He is from Saipan and speaks perfect English.. Guess what else I found out.. Saipan is an American Territory.. learning new things everyday!

When I first arrived in Irasan, my area I found out that I was the farthest area from the chapel and that the average lessons taught in a week was only 9.. This made me super sad although it just means that I have to work harder. luckily I already knew my companion from a previous zone. Sorry not a lot of stories this week. Only had two lessons this past week.. But lots of Dinner and Lunch appointments. Super NUMMY

Alright, Well I would like to know what kind of things you would like me to email in the future so i have a better understanding of what people like to read:)

-Elder Rivera

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