Tuesday, May 6, 2014

This week was (4/27/14)

Not a good one... 

Lots of people on vacation right now. But worse is the fact that It has rained every day here and it is cold. We all have jackets on right now. So cold here in baguio city. When people told me Baguio is the coldest place in the philippines I though that it ment is was slightly cold. Not I hate it cold. Hate is a strong word. Lets just say that I would much rather just sit playing Monopoly and eating rice than going to work. The other bad thing about having lots of cold rain is that no one wants to talk to us. No one is outside. And people just kept telling us to only come back when it was not raining. So I have very few lessons this week and its expected to be this way for a long time. Hmm lets see what else. 

My mission president wants my mission to have 100 baptisms this month of May, and we are trying our hardest to get that. My President has moved all the higher baptizing missionaries into harder areas.. So not so fun because a lot of people were white washed.. meaning both missionaries were transfered out and two new elders were transferred in.  Elders are not know for there willingness to write in area books. So the new elders don't know what the previous ones did and who they were teaching, etc. 

Lots of fun though. It is funner in the Philippines.. except for some people... 

I will say, right now the hardest part in my area are the other religious leaders here.. They have no love for anyone other than there own memebers. The local area leader hosted a inter faith concert, but only the smaller churches showed up, and then us mormons showed up. Half of the people were members of our church, and the other half were from about 12 different Christian churches. The two bigger churches are Jehovahs Witnesses, who declined the invintation and Iglesia Ni Cristo.. which i dont inderstand. 

So yea.. nothing more interesting this week. Have fun.
Elder Rivera

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