Monday, July 21, 2014

359 Days left, But I am not counting:)

[From Toni:I am posting this weeks letters and catching up on past ones. There was a week he couldn't write]

July 20, 2014

So I should explain, my companion is honestly the first missionary who wants to be obedient because he enjoys it. It is alright now between me and him. Sometimes it still is a little hard, but I think I was able to make a good breakthrough with him. He kinda understands a little bit more how it is to be me in a foreign country. 

We have a British man we are teaching. His name is Bob, he is a commercial diver and has already gone to church twice and he really enjoys it. He is one of those people that I have an easy time connecting to, and really enjoy teaching. His wife even asked us to have FHE at their house tonight. So we are going to have a blast! It is really hard honestly for my companion who I never speak English to, so for him teaching in English is really hard. Especially when there are two English speakers talking in rapid, excited English. I feel so bad for him. So we have a better understanding of what it is like to be each other.

Now for a slightly funny/sad story. The funny part was what happened, the sad part is why it happened.  So this past Sunday the sister missionaries in our Branch had a investigator come to church.. little did they know that she was drunk... It honestly was extremely funny. But really sad. She was a very attentive person who enjoyed asking a lot of really confusing questions.But it was fun because Drunk people here always like and become good at speaking English. When they are sober they never speak it to me, but as soon as they are drunk it becomes so much easier for them to speak English. Kinda sad, but funny for me and the other missionaries. 

What else, we had a Zone Activity( an activity with other missionaries)  that basically was us trying to fight each other for a greased coconut, super fun:) My large stature right now really come in handy:) 

Ohh, we had a Level 2 Typhoon hit us this past week. Had to stay indoors for the whole day, super boring...


Elder Rivera

July 13, 2014
I am sorry but I have spent a lot time trying to fix some things online and my companion not the patient and VERY VERY obedient.

Pray that I do not kill my annoying companion who never talks, or like to talk about fun things, and who is very forceful about very small rules. 

Love, Elder RIvera

July 7, 2014
Agsubleyak madamdama

Hello Everyone,

Hello this is the coolest website EVER!!! haha, just joking. But for those who want to know what everything looks like here, this is the best place to start. 

Ahh, so what is new in my life... well i have been transferred again. Back to the hot weather, although this time I have a companion is an older missionary, and was an old Zone Leader. So it is really going to be a successful area I hope. I was able to celebrate 4th of July with Steak and Mashed Potatoes( I asked a family in my last area to cook it for us missionaries) 

So what else, I hope to be able to send pictures of my new comp and my new lifestyle, we have bikes... Blahh.. Forced exercise! 

What else, hmm my new comp is named Elder Lapid, he is another Philipino from the southern islands in the philippines. He is really quiet, and when he does talk it is hard to understand him because he mumbles a lot. 

There is so much I wand to tell you, but it will have to wait until next week because I am spending a lot of time uploading pictures. 

With Love, 
Elder Rivera

June 15, 2014
Sorry na

Hello everyone! 

Sorry about not emailing last week.. Lots of stuff I was doing and my message was not able to be sent. Some internet thing here messed up. But I am doing really good now. I have made my 8 lesson a week area into easily getting 20 lessons without trying and my mission president is really happy right now. Although he still has really strict rules... but all is good. 

I am happy! I am safe! I have a good companion! I will try to be better in emailing stuff. But I have no idea what to write at this point. I get annoyed just writing about boring mission things.. Hopefully more interesting things will happen. 


Elder Rivera

June1, 2014

Hello, I am doing good. I have started to get slightly sick and tired recently. But other than that I am doing good. My new District Leader is very good at making sure we are all EXACTLY obedient. It makes him probably the least popular person.. especially to those missionaries who are always relaxed. This key board is making me mad. Sorry. I will promise to write more when I feel better. 

Love, Elder Alex Rivera

May 18, 2014
Kumusta naman kayo

It has been one of those weeks that start out amazing and only get better! It started with spending my day off going to a Military Academy and getting to play in old WW2 tanks and other fun thing. I had one of the coolest members of our ward here take me and my companion touring the party scene in Baguio City! Joke, we only went to cool places.

Elder Rivera

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