Tuesday, August 5, 2014

This has been my week (July 27, 2014)

Dear All who read these, 

Luckily this week was really good, otherwise the annoying text in the morning when I woke saying that we were not allowed to work due to high winds and heavy rain would have annoyed me. But it was alright, I got to use the time to study  the languages here, to study the bible, and of course to study the back of my eyelids.  

Other than the weather everything has been really good. Nothing too bad, except an old lady yelling at me, who then went into her room and grabbed a pale and basically told me if I did not stop speaking she would through her.. feces at me. This was a really bright day, I mean getting threatened with old woman feces really makes me happy, well I am glad there is sometimes opposition in all things... ohh and than a little later she found out that I was an American... She had a lot of bad things to say about Americans, always remember patience while in life. Hmm.. what else. 

Me and my companion have been teaching some really interesting people, a lot of our investigators and Less actives have been able to come to church. Which is really cool to see. The only problem right now is the fact that we have one investigator, he is British, who lets just say has one of the most complicated love lifes that I have ever heard. Lots of fun. But really cool, he is a commercial diver, and was working for the U.N during the Genocide in Rawanda. So he has seen some very scary things. Super nice, and it feels that I always get to teach the fun people. Sometimes it is cool commercial divers, and the other time it is old ladies who hate you:) 

Love all of you,.
Elder Rivera

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