Saturday, October 4, 2014

Cell Phone (September 29)

Hello Everyone.

So today has so far been a rather interesting day. I began today waking up without any problems which is always good. It was very very nice to spend today waiting until P day begins so I could stand for two hours on a bus going on windy roads to get to Baguio City so I could buy stuff to help me not be bored...aka games.

While I was on the bus I was looking around to try to not be bored and to forget the fact the my leg was almost asleep. While I was looking around I noticed this really cool cell phone that someone was playing with. It looked really cool. Nice screen really nice camera... it does not matter that the person was a female... BUT as I share this experience understand that the gender really did not matter.

So lets begin. Being really bored I saw her new boyfriend, I assume he was new, look through her pictures on her phone. Now I am not saying that she was one of those people that just focus on herself or anything but It seemed from me that of all her 500 or so pictures not a single one had another person in it. She had 500+ pictures where she was alone.. My mind was really confused because she seemed really happy to be with her male friend who was probably not just a friend. They seemed very close... but from this I started thinking what If I was to take some other persons phone I could learn a lot about them. I could learn their likes.. maybe their dislikes. and could potentially learn everything they would not like me to find out.

I find it really interesting to think that people have their whole life usually on technology... And that for the most part it could tell you what kind of person you are... now comes the analogy (sorry I have to) What would happen if we really did have everything we have every done read to us... or all those moments we were embarrassed, or did something stupid was in the hands of someone we did not know. We would probably think something like " How did he get that" or " That's mine" but I think that would be the time we would realize just how much we would not like everything we have ever done known to someone close, or far away. Sometimes we make mistakes. I am very glad that I believe in a way to have all the stuff that we have do wrong completely erased from memory (repentance through Jesus Christ). But it takes a little bit of work from us for that to happen. It is not just a click of a button. I mean this is your life. It is a little bit harder than just a click.

But yea.. I am happy right now. It was really funny to come here to Baguio today. Nice and cold weather with pine trees. Supper nummy.

Elder Rivera

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