Saturday, October 4, 2014

Safe and Sound (September 22)

hello Everyone,

Everything is good, I am doing great. Although parts here in the Baguio Mission are not doing so well. I will explain.

As you know a Typhoon hit us last week.. well Actually we had TWO Typhoons hit. The Second one was a direct hit on the northern parts of the mission, do not worry about them. They are safe now, they got pulled out of their areas and are not able to work. But they are safe. Their areas are pretty much under water right now.. so that is going to be fun to return to when the water goes down. I feel bad for them.. but they are safe.

So for me... I was unable to work pretty much all of last week because of floods, or storm warnings, or flooded areas. But for the most part we are doing really good. We spent 5 days playing monopoly and cards... and eating lots and lots of rice. But we are good and healthy.

Personally I am doing good, I am loosing weight. I am getting excited to find out what is happening soon in our mission. I expect some changes to happen due to the recent storms and for the soon to come storms. I am kinda tired recently, nothing to do and being stuck indoors really takes away all the energy I had before. But I will be back working hard 2moro.

So yeah, that is pretty much the only thing that is happening in my life right now.

Elder Rivera

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