Monday, February 23, 2015

nakabike na kami

This is from Feb. 15, 2015
By the title I can only imagine that you understand only the work "bike" in short. I now get to ride bikes again. This is great and everything, and my companion knows how to also ride. We get to save a lot of money on transportation and have more time to teach people, but of course the Philippines is about to enter summer... Soo.. fully humid, 100 degree days. and not a lot of portable water.. I almost miss being frozen in America... almost.
Me and my companion are doing amazing, no problems... I think... and yea. Great communication.
Hmm... what else to talk about.. I really love my area, and really wonder what missionary life is like in California. I am working hard even though everyone keeps mentioning that my mission is almost done and that I should be "trunky" I have been really trying to focus recently on how to become an effective teacher.. I think that I am getting better..
Because I am now one of the "older" missionaries, I get asked a lot if I know this person or that person... unfortunately most I actually do not know.. too many new missionaries replacing all my other friends. haha!!! I hope that you all are doing good.
Elder Rivera

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