Monday, April 6, 2015

Newest member

[This is from March 29, 2015]


Just a review of my week.
1. Had a baptism, Arnel Gutierrez. He is a former member of every church known to mankind. And he recently decided that ours was the most true. I was privileged to baptism him. And am very grateful that he really was ready. 

2. My mission president visited my apartment this past week. unfortunately it was around 10 am and I had just come out of the bathroom... very awk.. but luckily I had a really good reason to be in the bathroom... A week of very lose bowel movements... hehe.. and sakit talaga. 

3. My Filipino companion was asked to speak English because the investigator did not understand him, and I was asked to speak tagalog!! Haha, my companion was slightly sad. 

4. Had a fun week, and am excited for this week. Holy Week in the Philippines, It's more fun in the Philippines!!1 

Thanks for your love and support,

Elder Rivera

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