Monday, April 6, 2015



The Heading is an actual word in Tagalog.. and you thought English was hard hehe!!! 
Our week has been great, we are expecting to have another baptism this week and yea, we are doing good.
This past Tuesday we were told to expect a Super typhoon.. and prepare for it... so after many many texts and lots of preparation it turned out to be the saddest typhoon I have ever witnessed... there was not even rain... it was sad.. and weak... and pathetic.. I hope I am not cursing myself right now... 
Hmm.. Yup, that pretty much sums up my week.. Holy Week in the Philippines is always..err.. Interesting.. Lots of Transitions that are slightly weird. But the most epic moment was during a Catholic Parade I happen to be nearby and became the most popular attraction to look at.. These people were in mid prayer and yet still took time from thinking about Jesus to look at the white American standing in a window waving... yup, I only got a few angry looks from the Priests.. hehe. YOLO
My companion had to go to the Doctor this past Holiday, and there was a lot of time to try to watch a movie while waiting for him.. to bad they were only Tagalog movies. Ohh, I also got a chance to watch a part of Passion of Christ movie... I haven't watched Conference yet and am looking forward to it. Thank you, 
Love you,
Elder Rivera

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